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The properties of PET precoating film are introduced.

PET precoating is polyester film and Eva hot melt adhesive forming laminated structure composite film, has excellent composite performance, can cover without affecting the excellent performance of PET precoating film.

Polyester formerly known as polyethylene terephthalate, its properties are as follows:

1) The mechanical design strength is large, its tensile strength influence is about 5~10 times that of polyethylene, so the 12mic PET film technology has been widely studied and used in society, 9mic extremely thin PET film has also begun to be used, in addition, polyester material film development also has the advantages of high stiffness and strong impact resistance.

2) Has good heat resistance, melting point 260 ° C, softening point 230 ~ 240 ° C, even using two-way tensile process, thermal shrinkage is still very small at high temperature, has excellent dimensional stability. Long time heating at high temperature does not affect its performance.

3) It has good oil resistance and drug resistance, is not easy to dissolve, has good acid resistance and corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance of organic solvents and oils, but it is easy to deteriorate in case of strong alkali.

4) Good gas barrier and odor barrier.

5) High transparency, transmittance of more than 90%, good gloss, good printing performance.

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